Circuit Scribe – A pen that lets you draw instant working circuits!

As someone who has experienced the effort of breadboarding or using crocodile clips to prototype a circuit, this idea looks really really appealing.

Essentially, Circuit Scribe lets you draw circuits onto paper, that conduct electricity. This works because the pen writes with conductive silver ink. Special components are being designed that snap into place on the circuit, when you have the paper on a magnetic surface.

This new idea would be a big help when educating people about electronics, which are becoming an increasingly bigger part of our society, to students of varying ages, however I can see problems occurring meaning that I don’t see this really replacing current prototyping methods for those who designing more complex circuits in industry, such as the fact you can’t really remove a line once you’ve drawn it, and the ink will deplete over time, unlike physical wires which can be used over. Still, in education, where electronics can be quite daunting to people who aren’t familiar with it, I think this would be a useful tool for teaching.

Kickstarter campaign for this:

Youtube video with more information:


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