First glimpses of third party steamboxes

One of the designs of the iBuyPower steamboxes. Credit: Engadget

The company iBuyPower has recently revealed the design for their steambox variant. Codenamed Gordon and Freeman, nods to the popular Half Life franchise, their steamboxes will be featuring the latest AMD gpus, compared to some of the reference designs previously stated by Valve which all contain Nvidia gpus.

The AMD R9 270 found inside this steambox, is about the same in terms of power as the PS4, possibly slightly more than the Xbox One. Bearing in mind that the consoles will have heavy optimisation on their side, bringing up performance where the hardware is limited, I don’t think this steambox will attract very much attention for its power, sitting at about the same price as the Xbox One at $499, however it is a nice option to have – capable of “playing all of the games on steam at 1080p at 60fps” is a good start, especially considering this is a slightly lower end steambox. One big factor that would attract people to it however, is the upgradability. This means that, once the console starts feeling slow, you can just upgrade the processor, gpu, or possibly even add a second gpu depending on how much space there is and if the other parts support this. This idea is similar to the Phonebloks concept phone, which I will be posting about shortly, so keep a look out for that.

More info:


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