New evidence points to water on mars

New pictures of mars show areas which have valleys which appear to have been created by flowing water.

An image from nasa showing what mars could look like when or if it had water upon it

Water isn’t present in the images, suggesting that variations in the seasons could result in water being present on the planet during certain times of the year.

To verify this discovery, spacecraft would have to be heavily sterilised before being sent to investigate the area, since any foreign contaminants would skew any data that suggests life could be present there.

Nevertheless, it is a very interesting discovery, suggesting the possibility of life on the relatively easily accessible planets around us could be possible, or, if it is not possible to find life there, that we could sustain it there under the right conditions.

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Is space colonisation a priority in your eyes? Do you think this will prove to be successful? Let me know what you think in the comments for this post


2 thoughts on “New evidence points to water on mars

    • How would you say so? I think there is enough on earth, it just isn’t distributed evenly due to the different climates around the world. The presence of it on mars however, could mean that life can survive there, which could be very important for the future survival of the human race.

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