GTX790 – The new rumoured dual gpu from Nvidia, and it’s a biggie

Last November Nvidia released the 780 Ti, which quickly took over the AMD 290X’s attempt at becoming the fastest single gpu card available. Although the 290x was beaten in terms of raw power, the low price that AMD chose for it resulted in it still being a very desirable option to those building on tight budgets. One part of this was the fact that the Nvidia stock cooler was much more efficient than that used by AMD, resulting in the 780 Ti running relatively cool and quiet compared to the 290X which quickly gained a reputation for being a very hot and noisy card.

One of the things which interested me the most about the release of the 780 Ti was the fact that Nvidia actually chose to not unleash the full capabilities of their GK110 GPU because they didn’t want to make a card that would blow away their current high end single gpu solution, the GTX Titan. The Titan had a trimmed down version of the GK110 gpu, and the 780 Ti had more unlocked cores and higher clock speeds, allowing it to unleash more of the performance that the GK110 GPU platform has to offer. The 780 Ti became the top Nvidia solution for gamers, leaving the Titan, which featured 6gb of ram as opposed to the 780 Ti’s 3gb, and had a more CUDA features, available a solution for those using it for things like research or development. The titan is somewhat of a bridge between the workstation Tesla or Quadro cards, and the gaming 780 Ti. The price of the 780 Ti, at around $700 is now one that can compete more easily with the ~$500 of the 290x, leaving the Titan at around $1000 for those who need the extra ram and CUDA capabilities.

Now, onto the next big card that could be coming from Nvidia. The 790 – a dual gpu solution comprised of two of the high end GK110 graphics processors. Now you’ve seen from the 780 Ti and Titan what the GK110 platform has to offer, Nvidia are supposedly bringing out a card featuring two of these GPU’s on one card. This could herald a card with unrivaled gaming performance.

From the rumours, it will contain 2496 streaming processors, this is between the 2304 of the 780 and 2688 of the Titan, though the 780 Ti has 2880, for the sake of comparison. It is also said to contain 5gb for each GPU, giving it a total of 10gb of ram – a huge bandwidth, likely to give it a big advantage for 4K gaming.
Considering the pricing Nvidia have gone with, considerably higher than AMD, I would not be surprised to see this card over $1000, maybe around $1250 considering that it will likely give a considerable increase in performance when compared to the Titan and 780Ti for gaming purposes.

Let me know what you think about these upcoming releases in the comments for this post.

For an in depth review of the 780Ti, take a look at,3663.html

and for the details of the 790,


3 thoughts on “GTX790 – The new rumoured dual gpu from Nvidia, and it’s a biggie

    • I very much doubt it. It will most likely feature the same GK110 architecture as the rest of the 700 series. GK110 being the refreshed version of the Kepler architecture used in the 600 series. I think we’ll see Maxwell, the successor to GK110, in the 800 series, much later this year.

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