MEMS Makers Want to Put Even More Sensors in Smartphones for Total Situational Awareness

At a recent conference, sensor manufacturers presented some interesting reasons as to why phones could make use of more sensors. The current sensors, such as the gyroscope, have now become standard issue for smartphones and companies are looking at what new technology can be crammed inside these tiny devices.

Things like pressure, humidity and temperature sensors could be added to give you weather readings of your immediate surroundings, and these could be used by apps such as sports fitness trackers or even sleep assisting apps. If the data from the sensors was collected it would help to make things like weather predictions even more accurate. It would be like having millions of tiny weather stations collecting data which could then be analysed to provide a highly accurate forecast.

Other sensors include those for health and fitness. As of January 2014, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 looks like it will feature a more sensors to enhance the user experience, with a few health orientated ones in particular.

Current GPS features in phones can be used to detect where cars are standing still on motorways and alert map apps of traffic jam locations. These are just a few possible applications of the sensors and suggests that having more of them could make our modern lives just that bit more sophisticated.

The linked article takes a look at this in some more detail. Let me know your thoughts in the comments for the post


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