Newegg coming to the UK!

The very well established american electronics store, well known for its PC and PC component sales is rumoured to be coming to the UK by as early as the end of March.

This is very exciting news, as there are a lot less places to buy PC parts here in the UK compared to the US which has stores which you can visit, such as Microcenter, and very large online retailers such as Newegg. Newegg often features good deals and prices as well as combos and offers, on a range of products. The expansion could benefit Newegg by allowing them to broaden their reach and increase the size of their company, and is also good for those looking to buy electronics and pc components here in the UK, by giving us more variety and more competitive pricing.

It is possible that Newegg will also try to reach out into more of Europe, if the launch in the UK is a success, however it needs to be careful to not follow the same fate as Best Buy, which was very much welcomed into the UK but didn’t survive very long outside of it’s regular market. Newegg is said to be having a soft launch, to ease itself into the new waters, whilst it becomes accustomed to the new shipping lines and details that it will have to monitor whilst operating in a different country. I personally can only hope for the best, and that Newegg will successfully provide the competition and variety that it does in the USA, to us here in the UK.


Let me know what you think the arrival, good or bad, on the comments for this post or on my facebook page. Personally, when I first heard of Newegg a few years ago, I was disappointed to learn they didn’t ship to the UK, so I can’t wait to see what kind of pricing and product offering they will supply here compared to what is already available.


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