New app improves reading speed from 250 to 1000 words per minute

A new app, called Spritz is claiming to help make reading more efficient, and thereby allow us to read faster. The average human reading speed can be around 250 words per minute, which this app is aiming to improve to 500, or even up to 1000.
I took a short reading test a little while before I found the app, and I found my speed to be around 288 words per minute. If you’d like to try the same test, you can find it here.

Results from when I took the test

Results from when I took the test

The app works by focusing on the idea that the way we read, left to right, then down a line, and back to the left to repeat the process again, is inefficient. It aims to speed this up by making you focus on a single point, and have the words move for you instead. There is a guiding line which helps you to keep your focus on the right part of the words, and it does indeed allow you to get through more words than conventional reading.

However, having personally tried it, I can say that it might take some getting used to. Although I read all of the words, it was too fast for me to comprehend the text whilst focussing on not missing the next word to flash up on the screen. When I read, I like to take my time to understand what I’m reading, and reading at speeds much higher than what I’m used to makes this a little harder. Even so, I can see why this could be beneficial. If you could still interpret the text at a higher speed, after some practice, you would be able to more efficiently get through a piece of text, or literature, and save a fair bit of time.

The app creators are intending to try and get this out on as many platforms as they can. One that it might be particularly well suited to is google glass, since it is a piece of eyewear upon which your gaze will be easily held, and so it would be a natural way for you to use it, without having to hold a phone or tablet in front of your face when you desire to read something.

Take a look at the project, and try it for yourself at

Let me know what you think of this. Is it another attempt to kill the traditional book, or is it a beneficial addition to our lives? You can comment on this post, or leave a message on my facebook page.


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