New GTX Titan with dual GPUs

As if one Titan wasn’t enough, Nvidia are now stepping up to a dual gpu version of one of their flagship cards.

Earlier this year, rumours were about that a card with two GK110 GPU’s on it could be coming from Nvidia, but they were swinging towards it being a GTX 790, following in the trend of previous dual GPU cards from Nvidia, such as the GTX 690 and 590.

Now, it seems that it is in fact a new Titan card, called the Titan Z. The idea is similar to what the rumours contained – though it has a huge 12gb of ram, more than the already large 10gb that was speculated for the 790.

However, I would not rule out a 790 entirely, as we have already seen that Nvidia want to keep the 780ti and Titan separate, and are therefore aiming the Titan more towards those who want the enhanced CUDA capabilities that it provides, and the 780ti towards gamers and enthusiasts. The Titan Z has a total of 5670 CUDA cores, which is a big benefit for those who need them, but maybe less so for gamers, hinting that there may be a 790 still in the pipeline.

On the AMD side of things, there were also rumours of a dual 290x variant. I think that this may be brought forward to compete with this new card from Nvidia. The Titan Z is supposedly designed to be quiet and cool, even with two GPUs – something that AMD were struggling to do with just the single card of the 290x upon initial release, so a good cooling solution or hardware optimisation from AMD will be required before they are able to release a good dual GPU card of their own.

AMD may be able to beat Nvidia on price, however, because the Titian Z is expected to be priced at a very hefty $3000.

For more information about the 790 rumours, and an explanation of how the 780ti and the Titan compare, and are able to share the same price band in their market, take a look at this post I made earlier this year:

For details on the Titan Z, check out

Let me know your thoughts on the new card in the comments. Do you think you’ll be getting one of these anytime soon?


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