3D Printed homes for under $5000

The house above might look pretty bland, but there is something unique about this house; it has been 3D printed.

You might wonder how such a large structure has been 3D printed. Technically the house has not been directly printed in the form shown above. Rather, it was printed in blocks and assembled on site. This does not devalue the impressive printer used, which measured 150m in length, 10m in width, and 6m in depth. 

The 3D printer at work


The blocks of the house are printed using concrete aggregate (cement and glass fibre) made from recycled construction and industrial waste, and even takes into account spacing for things such as insulation and plumbing with 3D modelling before printing. Not only does this method make the house environmentally sound, but also very economical. Indeed, for a house with a floor space of about 60 square metres, the price is 30000 CNY (under £2900/$5000), with the cost to buy a standard house in China being about £1000 ($1700) per square metre. But probably the most incredible part of the process is its speed. WinSun Design Decoration Engineering, the Shanghai-based company behind the house, can create ten houses in the space of a day. This might not be the very first 3D printed house, but it is one of the most compelling ones yet for the speed and efficiency of the process.

Unlike other 3D printed houses this design has the potential to be more than a gimmick. If WinSun follow through with their plans to build 100 factories spread 300km apart across China, then this method could have a huge impact on the developing world, especially if it were to spread outside of China in future, by giving the impoverished a chance to own a house, not only improving living conditions, but also improving infrastructure and further driving development of the host countries.

For more, check out http://www.sciencealert.com.au/news/20141604-25394.html and as always, leave any thoughts and comments here or on my facebook page.

Thanks goes to George for guest writing this post, whom I may have some more content from in future.


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