DDR4 RAM and Motherboards at Computex 2014

A quick update post, following on from my previous details about DDR 4 RAM which you can find here. As well as one of the first prototype motherboards supporting the new standard of DDR 4 RAM, as well as some other very high end components such as the upcoming i7 5960X CPU, there are some rather fluffy looking Noctua fans which supposedly offer better cooling by using technology similar to the dimples found on golf balls, and some new good looking cases from Bitfenix.

This is only a quick update post for these new items on showcase before I end my exam hiatus and start posting some of the recent stories that have piled up that I’ve not had a chance to write about at length.
As always, let me know any thoughts or comments here or on my facebook page.

You can find full links with pictures to all of the things mentioned above on this Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/2770an/computex_2014_corsair_unveils_ddr4_memory_and/


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