Windows 9 – a fixed Windows 8

So from the news that we’ve got so far, it seems as though Windows 9, which will preview later this year, will aim to fit the void that windows 8 left in the lives of windows 7 users. The idea here is supposedly that it will be a different user experience on mobile, desktop and touchscreen, as opposed to the unified windows 8 tiled experience that many people found difficult to adjust to.

Having personally used windows 7 a great deal, but now learned how to use windows 8, I can say that although the windows 8 colour and graphical theme has grown on me, the ways of interacting with the system such as the charm menus and start menu are still quite shoddy for non touchscreen users. Hopefully, Microsoft are listening to what many users have been complaining about, and will deliver an experience that continues with the success of the windows 7 line with the security and stability that windows 8 provides. I will be keen to try out the preview version of this new OS and await screenshots and more information, which I will hopefully share here.

Now that exams are over I will most likely be posting more often on here, with a backlog of articles I read but didn’t have time to write about that should start making appearances soon. Please leave comments here and on my facebook page, let me know what you think of this new proposed OS.

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