CES 2015 3D printed limbs and 3D scanning

You can see the full coverage from CES demos mentioneed via one of my favourite tech youtubers, Linus, here:

The man pictured here was born with one hand, and has started using the printed hand, demonstrating its capabilities at CES

Firstly he shows us a new use for 3D printing. Now, I’ve been following 3D printing a lot lately, and I’ve already seen how it can be used to print prosthetics for a fraction of the price it costs to have them custom designed as medical suppliers currently do. This however, is for prosthetics such as hands which are a solid prosthetic with no moving parts, with the 3D printed version costing tens of dollars and the medical custom ones going into thousands. The 3D printed limbs showcased at CES however take this to a new level, with censors that can attach to your body allowing you to control the limb as you would your own hand. The hand and the arm attachment are both printed to exactly the size requirements of the user and you can see a demonstration of this in use in the video linked.

Next we see the other side of 3D applications – a 3D scanner. The HP Sprout uses the latest Intel Realsense technology, which is also currently being demoed at CES, as well as an array of infra red sensors and the HP work surface in order to map an accurate 3D model of a physical object in a matter of minutes. One use of this that comes to mind is that you could take an object, scan it, edit the object and then print out your own version of it. Looking at how the large touch worksurface works also reminds me of the CSI computers you see in films, with the holographic screens that they move around with their hands. This has always seemed like a cutting edge sci-fi prospect but it does seem like it could be making its way to end consumers soon enough.
The fact that this level of technology is being showcased at the consumer electronics show certainly goes to show that 2015 could be a very interesting and innovative year in regards to technology.

Do let me know what you think of these items and anything else that has caught your eye at CES this year, in the comments on my blog or on my facebook page


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